About Me & The Blog

Hello, Hi and Welcome to Books & Adventures

My name is Michelle and I’m the blogger behind Books & Adventures! Some of my talents include cat whispering, sarcasm, changing into my pajamas as soon as I get home and knowing entirely too much about the Harry Potter universe. I love books, rainy days, steaming cups of tea, three day weekends, Netflix binges, naps and food {basically I’m a house cat that likes attention and food}.

Books & Adventures was initially started out of my love for books and everything bookish. Over the years it has grown to be so much more than just a book blog, it now features movies, tv shows and many more adventures. I’m so proud of this blog and what it has become in these past few years & I hope that you’ll love it too!

If you would like to come into contact with me regarding a book/bookish product review opportunity you can email me at michellesbookadventures@gmail.com. Be sure to also take a look at my review policy before reaching out. Alternatively you can also find me on Instagram or Twitter.



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