Ten Books I Meant To Read In 2018, But Never Got Around To.

2018 was a crazy year. I traveled so much for work that I was basically away from home for a period of about three months {thankfully not three consecutive months}. I worked long and hard hours and I spent loads of weekends working, this meant that I sadly pushed reading to the back burner and it sucked. It feels like I missed out on SO many incredible books and that just makes me sad. Today I really want to share with you the ten books I meant to read in 2018, but sadly never got around to  

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Eliza and Her Monsters // Beautifully Real.

eliza and her monsters

“Broken people don’t hide from their monsters. Broken people let themselves be eaten.”

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They Both Die At The End // Poignant & Heartfelt.

they both die at the end“Maybe it’s better to have gotten it right and been happy for one day instead of living a lifetime of wrongs.”

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Book Recommendations // Mental Illness Awareness Week {2017}.

Since the first week in October is Mental Illness Awareness Week {MIAW} I thought it would be a great time to recommend some great books that deal with mental illnesses. Some of these books I’ve read and some are recommendations from other people in the book community. I hope you find some great new reads to add to your TBR 

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Under Rose-Tainted Skies // Great Mental Illness Representation {MIAW}.

under rose-tainted skies

“See, anxiety doesn’t just stop. You can have nice moments, minutes where it shrinks, but it doesn’t leave. It lurks in the background like a shadow, like that important assignment you have to do but keep putting off or the dull ache that follows a three-day migraine. The best you can hope for is to contain it, make it as small as possible so it stops being intrusive.”

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When Dimple Met Rishi // A Sweet Indian Love Story

when dimple met rishi

“It was his damn fool heart. Ever optimistic, always looking for a sliver of sunshine in a sky clotted with thunderclouds.”

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